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Where would you like to see a seat placed? As most of you will be aware the seat on Oakham Road was recently replaced with a new one further along the road towards the roundabout.  It was not possible to simply replace the existing seat, as, with the widening of the cycle path there was no longer room to site a seat there. Despite a great deal of thought being put into the placement of the seat it would seem that we have not got it right and a number of people have commented on the view of the roundabout and have asked if the seat could be moved. It is felt that this may not be possible but the Parish Council are willing to consider placement of a new seat if a suitable site on this road between the school and the roundabout can be identified. Hence we are asking you if you have any suggestions as to where you would like a seat placed. We will review all suggestions and hope to be able to install a new seat in a popular position sometime soon. If you have any suggestions for the new seats location please contact the parish clerk
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